Urban Play Fitout

The modest fit out at the Brisbane Urban Play head office sought to create a breakout area for staff, which included provisions for casual seating and areas to meet and to have lunch. The project involved the insertion of a communal table and treatment to an existing window.

The resulting window shutter was made to be able to close down the retreat space for privacy from the street, with each leaf able to be opened out gradually to control the levels of natural light and views. When designing the configuration and appearance of the shutter, the profile of the nearby TAB building, which holds contextual significance to the site, was projected as a means of creating four geometrically abstract leafs that operate independently of one another. The back face of each leaf is painted with colour to bounce gradations of light against the adjacent wall.

The project was designed, constructed and installed in-house by Baber Studio including the CNC milling of the plywood material. The dynamic ability to

control the level of light and privacy, while using the shutter leaf as a way to create varying spatial conditions is the success of the project as a minimal insertion into an existing environment.