Attic-Undercroft House

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This new residence in West End, Brisbane completed in collaboration with Marc & Co. Architects investigates the two territories of  ‘roof’ and ‘ground’ found in traditional queenslanders. The ground territory is a series of terraces that connect the front of the house down into the back yard, where the slightly different levels demarcate different types of occupation. At either end of the space at ground level, large fine steel doors open out to adjacent landscape and beyond. Of the few vertical elements in the space, an off-board concrete staircase links the ground living are to the upper private area.  The ‘roof’ is made from four timber trusses that span the full width of the house and land on off-form concrete columns on the ground level. The struts and ties used in the truss divide up the roofscape into bedrooms, study and bathrooms, while playfully bringing an angular geometry into the space. The gable form of the house is capped at either facade by a perforated aluminium screen that enables the entire building to breathe while providing a rain-screen, privacy screen + balustrade requirements.