Think Brick Office Building


Brisbane Airport is built largely on reclaimed land. The site for this commercial building occupies a purpose formed hillock. The building is strategically located, perched at the crest of the hillock above the freeway infrastructure maximising visual exposure in both directions along Airport drive and the M1 freeway.

From the city, formed ‘brick beacons’ are visual markers in the landscape, identifying the approach to the building along the vehicle, bike and pedestrian routes, and reinforcing the connection from Airport Village to the site. Visibly recognisable from ‘the air’, these beacons are intended as future public art opportunities that operate at small and large scales.

The distinct roof profile echoes the tradition of large vaulted plane hangar spaces. Visible from ever-changing vantage points along the approach roads, the form of the building reveals subtle changes in transparency and silhouette. The building contains four 1200 m2 office levels, and a generous open atrium, offering connectivity and an active public space. Naturally lit via perforated brick vaults, the atrium is a haven, with cool temperatures stabilised by the brick thermal mass. Interconnecting stairs add drama and spatial interactivity between the office levels and the specialised meeting rooms.

Face brick, exposed concrete and shaded glass. Materials juxtapose heavy mass against transparency, warmed by the light patterns from perforated brick walls and vaults. Austral’s Bowral dry pressed 50mm bricks are specified with thin raked joints, ensuring perforations have fineness. Gertrudis Brown anchors the core and spring arches from within the atrium space, and Charolais Cream diffuse light throughout the office levels from the underside of the vaults.