Yim Thai

This project is a new restaurant fit-out to a tenancy in a shopping centre complex. The scheme focused attention on the attributes of Thai food as opposed to delivering a nationally themed restaurant. As a result, vegetation became heavily integrated into the scheme, creating a vegetated timber wall to demarcate external territory, and was used internally through hanging gardens.

The external space was envisioned as an external room and directly connected with the adjacent internal seating, offering a different type of dining experience to patrons. The high volume of the external space was celebrated with custom made lighting and white washed hardwood bench and screen that offers seating and privacy.

Internally, a darker colour scheme includes built-in seating with profiled black plywood joinery that diffuses artificial lighting in the space. The service counter and take-away pick up area was treated like a market place, with stock displayed on an open shelf and artifacts from Thai markets used as ornamentation.